Thursday, 24 March 2016

Greggs, Camping and Daredevil

Last week Porro, this week Greggs. I'm no food snob... Well ok, I am a food snob but Greggs is one I let slide. So lunch today was a completely tasteless sausage roll (Tesco's one are much better, more salt) and a nuclear hot chicken pasty with actual radioactive isotopes in it. It was so hot it could melt through a starship door faster than a lightsaber. And it had at least four bits of actual chicken in it. The "white coffee" was so bitter and tasted like cardboard. I actually had to throw that away. But in spite of all this, I'll be back for the same thing (maybe not the coffee) again and again. For pudding I had two chocolate digestives from the work kitchen. Couldn't bring myself to buy three food items from Greggs. What would people think?!

Off camping to west Wales tomorrow. It's gonna rain all long weekend. Fun. But I'm determined to have fun as this'll likely be our only holiday this year. We'll take board games to keep me and Laura entertained and alcohol for the kids... That's the right way around, right? Have found a secret Italian restaurant on a farm that has been run by three generations of Italians. We've booked a meal there. I'll report back. Trying desperately to find indoor things to do in the area. It'll be fine.

Enjoying the second series of Daredevil on Netflix. Half way through it. Elektra's casting is perfect as is the Punisher. Really enjoying it. Maybe not quite as stylish as season one and there was no need for the gimmicky and obviously not one shot, one shot fight scene... again.

Also enjoying playing the new DLC for Star Wars Battlefront. Surprised at how much I've been playing this game. Don't think I would be if I wasn't playing with my dad and two brother's though. They are what make it fun. Just constant piss taking.

So that's it. That's you all caught up with my exciting life. See you after chocolate Jesus weekend.

Take care x

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