Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Only Way To Lose Weight

First gym session in ages last night. Didn't think I was hurting that much his morning until I got on my bike. Boy my legs didn't appreciate that! I've been reading a lot about gym work and weight loss. The more I read, the more I'm convinced. It's all bollocks. It's been scientifically proven that muscle burns three calories more per pound, per day than fat. Three calories. So does muscle help burn fat? Sure. Will it help you lose weight? Yeah, in about fifteen years maybe. The only way, THE ONLY WAY to lose weight is calorie deficit. All those bullshit diets. Every single one of them. All they're doing is dressing up calorie deficit in new and fancy way to get you to buy in to their products and schemes.

Use more energy than you put in. Lose weight. Simple as.

And the most efficient way of burning calories at the gym is cardio. So that's my bag from now on. Maybe when I've lost some weight down the line, I might want to tone up for aesthetic reasons, but for now I have no use for more muscle in my every day life. It simply won't make a difference. So for the last two days I've had a 350 calorie deficit. Which is not much and I don't know what that equates to wight loss wise. But it's a start. We'll see what happens.

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