Friday, 13 March 2015

Vlogging, Drunk Live Tweeting and Re-Building Cardiff

Got so many ideas for vlogs. Late last night, like at two in the morning I was having great ideas. And on the bike this morning. I wish there was record function in my brain. The scripts I was coming up with were great. Now I can't remember much. Just bits a pieces. Anyway. Hopefully I'll actually get in to the swing of things soon and actually start vlogging and specific things as well as a weekly round up with Laura and the kids.

Gym again tonight. Feeling a bit stiff and very tired! Not quite sure what my plans for later are. It's Comic Relief tonight so I'll probably end up drunk live tweeting that. So make sure you join me for that! But I know I'm gonna want to play Cities: Skylines and see what Xur has to offer on Destiny. I guess I could do that tomorrow.

I really want to make an authentic re-creation of Cardiff in Cities. Someone has uploaded a Cardiff map to the Steam Workshop but it's not very good. Will have a go at importing my own height map and tweak and populate in the map editor. Although SimCity was very limited in what it could do, it was interesting to see how all the traffic would congest in the same places as it does in real life. With Cities' much better simulation, I can't wait to see the results!

Take care x

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